Airsoft Continuum - Play safe, play well!

In Airsoft, you need three things – a gun, gear and balls. Other than that, you’re pretty much set. Pull the trigger, let it rip and see who is still standing. Hopefully it's you.

Welcome to Airsoft Continuum!

Don't know what airsoft is? Go read the article, then come back. I'll be waiting. =)


For those of you playing the home game, Airsoft guns look real but shoot small, plastic pellets. Like peas. Only they hurt a hell of a lot more than peas.

But it's fun!

Plus, it’s way better than live ammo, don't you think?

I started Airsoft Continuum hoping to provide information to the general masses on what this great extreme sports is. I got tired of searching for genuine Airsoft articles – although it did help pass the time during bouts of insomnia.

There don't seem to be many, if at all, sites that really explains the nuances of the game. It's really a shame, because this is really a great game that deserves more positive exposure than it is currently receiving.

Speaking of positive exposure, that's another reason for the existence of Airsoft Continuum. Every year you read of teenagers who get hurt, or even tragically, killed by uninformed police officers because they pointed an Airsoft gun at an officer. Regardless of whose side you're on, the tragic fact still remains that lives are lost needlessly, people get hurt, and students get suspended just because of ignorance. Ultimately the public begin to perceive us airsofters as violent gun-toting maniacs.

Airsoft is a safe sport. Like any other extreme sports, there are safety rules and precautions. Followed closely, it becomes a healthy sport. In fact, most airsofters are matured and do follow safety rules. And it doesn't mean that we glorify violence and war. If anything, my goal is to show that we abhor violence just as much as you do. Therefore, Airsoft Continuum strives to advocate the safe usage and handling of airsoft.

Play safe, play well, and thanks for dropping by! =)

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