AEG Airsoft Guns - More acronyms (unfortunately)

While traditional Airsoft guns are usually gas or spring powered, AEG Airsoft guns are battery powered for an Airsoft experience like no other. AEG stands for "automatic electric gun" and the market for Airsoft guns exploded with the implementation of the technology.

How Do AEG Airsoft Guns Work?

The battery, similar to those used in electronic and remote control cars, powers a small motor that turns a number of gears. These gears then apply pressure to and subsequently free a piston, discharging the blast of air that forces the plastic pellet through the gun and at the target. One of the most useful aspects of the automatic electric Airsoft guns is that typically, these batteries are rechargeable and replaceable. That also makes it the most practical gun to be used in an airsoft skirmish.

AEG airsoft guns

Be careful though to get a battery that is fully charged. Normally you can buy either one of two types of battery; a mini one and a standard one. The standard one lasts longer.

You don't want to run out of battery power in an airsoft skirmish, not only it makes you look unprepared ("King Cobra to Foxtrot, we're running out of Duracells, repeat, we are running out of Duracells!"), if you don’t have a sidearm with you at that time, you are pretty much a sitting duck.

Due to the unique technology found within AEG Airsoft guns, these are about the closest to a real firearm as you can get to, its realism the main attraction in Airsoft. The rate of fire (also referred to as ROF) is somewhere between 600-900 RPM or rounds per minute. Pretty nasty stuff (or cool, depending on whose side you’re on) but it is, in part, what has made the AEG Airsoft gun so popular.

The look and feel of automatic electric Airsoft guns have followed suit, giving Airsoft game players a wider variety of more realistic looking guns. With the exceptions of mini AEGs, most AEG airsoft guns you can buy are modeled to closely resemble their real world steel counterparts.

Typically, manufacturers of AEG Airsoft guns use a hybrid of durable ABS plastic combined with a dense metal for a more realistic yet still lightweight gun. The metal however is not, and will never be, the same metal that is used in real weapons. The metal in Airsoft is of a low melting point material, such that it can never be modified to fire live ammunition. Firing live ammunition produces so much heat that only a real world weapon steel can withstand.

Some guns are made almost entirely of metal; this are referred to as full metal airsoft guns (what, were you expecting a more creative name?). I own a full metal G36C, and the gun itself weighs a whopping 7 lbs. Hold the gun with your arm outstretched, and it can double up as a weight training device. Full metal guns are the latest trend in Airsoft gaming, because in addition to looking and working like the real thing, it feels like the real thing.

Many seasoned Airsoft gamers choose to play only with AEG's, as they give players the most realistic and tactical gameplay available from any Airsoft gun. No surprises there.

In many models of automatic electric Airsoft guns you have the option to choose between the fully automatic or semi automatic modes, giving Airsoft players more options during gameplay than ever before. Full auto just means that bullets will spit out of the barrel for as long as you hold the trigger (make sure you pack enough BBs if you're going on a full-auto spraying spree), while semi-auto means you get one bullet per trigger (kind of like pistols).

With such a high RPM, AEG's give players an ultra-realistic military feel to their games, allowing for greater usability.

With an AEG Airsoft gun, you can formulate more effective tactical battle plans than ever before. The realism of this type of gun takes gaming to an entirely new level. If you like to role-play, especially if you like to role-play with friends, owning an this type of gun can give you and your team more realistic game play options than a traditional air or gas powered airsoft gun. In fact, I'd say it's the only logical choice. Spring powered airsoft guns are cheap, but it's just plain wrong to be cocking the gun after every shot, if you're in a battlefield. And as of this writing, there aren't too many gas-powered rifles – most gas-powered ones are pistols.

Are They Expensive?

Depending on the brand, AEG Airsoft guns can cost between $100 - $400, sans upgrades. When comparing the price with the benefits of the AEG Airsoft gun, many Airsoft gamers believe the benefits greatly outweigh any increase in cost. When compared with the cost of the actual steel guns that the Airsoft AEG’s were modeled after, the electric air gun is quite inexpensive.

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