Airsoft Electric Gun

If you're thinking about using an Airsoft electric gun, you've made at least one step in the right direction, at least if you're going for practicality. If all you require is to induce surrender by fear, just get something like this guy has. One thing is for sure – you wouldn't be the last one standing. Automatic electric guns, or AEG's, give you awesome realistic military game play so you can actually get out there and . . . well, you know. Play!

With that said, how do you know you're getting the best AEG for your money? You likely already know that an Airsoft electric gun doesn't come cheap, but you certainly don't want to be ripped off. Where do you go?

While you can find an AEG at popular retail stores like K-Mart or Wal-Mart, they're more likely to be of a lesser quality and low powered, unless you upgrade them. You'll find that your shooting range is limited and your firepower isn't as high as other types of electric Airsoft guns. Your best bet is a local sporting goods store or online – they'll offer more popular models of higher quality and cater more to the serious Airsoft gamer. You can spend under $200 for a pretty decent AEG or you can go all out and purchase a top of the line gun for around $500 to $600.

That said, you pretty much have the freedom to choose whichever Airsoft electric gun you'd like. There's only one thing you need to consider when picking one: Your own personal preferences. Really, if you like the looks of the P90, get that. If you prefer the conventional look, an M4 or even one of the AK classes would do fine. Just because someone else is using a high powered machine gun doesn't mean you can't have equal success in an electric rifle. Some questions to ask yourself are:

What is important to you in an AEG? Do you live and die by your scope or are you more freehanded?

How heavy do you want your gun to be? Do you like the weight of steel in your hands or do you feel more agile with a lighter weapon?

What are you going for when you shoot? Do you like calculated sneak attacks or full on Terminator style mow downs (get a truckload of biodegradable BBs before you attempt this – not a good idea to anger the environmentalists and gun control crowds)?

Do you want something with a stand that allows you to hide out in one spot for an extended period of time?

Above all, make sure you purchase an Airsoft electric gun that you're comfortable with. You won't shoot worth beans if you're carrying a heavy gun when you'd rather have a lighter one or you're stuck carrying your rifle when you'd rather be camped out waiting for an unsuspecting passerby (please bear in mind that 'passerby' here does not mean your next-door neighbor walking her puppy).

Once you've found something you really enjoy playing with, you can improve your skills as an Airsoft gamer (translation: you can smoke the competition). On the playing field, your gun will essentially become an extension of you – that is, if you've got one you absolutely love. Get to know your Airsoft electric gun. Sleep next to it. Eat breakfast with it. It won't be long before you really are the last one standing on the playing field.

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