Airsoft Electric Rifles

Airsoft electric rifles take their places as one of the most popular and widely used Airsoft guns available. There's no question about it – they're simply great guns. They're easy to use, reasonably lightweight (although less so than a spring Airsoft pistol) and are fun to play with. While there aren't many disadvantages to owning an electric rifle, you should take into consideration all aspects of this type of gun before making a purchase.

There are new models of Airsoft electric rifles being put on the market every day, so there really is no way to create a comprehensive list of every single model available. Go fully automatic or semi-automatic – or get one of each. MP-40's, M16's, M4's, AK-47's and Uzi's are all great guns to have, but there are of course many, many more that are considered excellent guns by the Airsoft community.

Sniper rifles also fall under the category of Airsoft electric rifles and are great for long range targets when you're camped out in an obscure spot in the field. While there are pump action Airsoft rifles, these are generally spring powered and don't accomplish as much as electric rifles do (although some Airsofters swear by them). Most Airsoft players choose rifles because of their excellent tactical and strategic abilities, and rightly so.

Cost of Airsoft electric rifles

Well, it depends on where you look. They're certainly not as cheap as spring powered rifles, but you won't have to pay an arm and a leg if you look hard enough. Cheap electric Airsoft guns are everywhere (especially on the Internet) but be warned that cheaper isn't necessarily better. Some electric rifles, especially those that are modeled exactly after their real world counterparts tend to be more expensive than other models of electric rifles. Take a look around and weigh what is important to you in a gun. If your heart is set on a sweet AK-47 but it's just not in the budget right now, wait for it. Save up until you can get it. You'll be glad you did.

Airsoft electric rifles are definitely among the best guns in the industry – although they too have their disadvantages. Like any AEG, you must have batteries for it and if you don't have a spare set stashed away in your pack, you need to stop reading this article and get an extra set. As in right now. Replacing batteries during a heated battle isn't fun, but the benefits of these rifle models can easily outweigh the inconvenience. Just make sure you bring those extra batteries.

Customizing Airsoft electric rifles

First of all, the custom AEG page has some good starter points. Let's start with the obvious. You can customize the way it looks by painting it. You can literally paint an AEG rifle any way you like, but that can sometimes bite you in the tail when you get out in the field. Everyone will see a pink Hello Kitty design from miles away, especially if it's adorned with the signature rhinestones that Hello Kitty is so well known for. You're much better off getting a custom camouflage paint job.

Choose the type of camo you want based on where you normally play. If you play somewhere that has a lot of trees, choose a design with lots of shades of green. If you play where there's sand and not much cover, definitely consider a desert looking camo for your rifle. It just makes sense. If you play in an urban area with concrete buildings . . . well, you can't do anything with that. Don't paint your gun a cement color.

Painting your rifle can also include putting a durable clear coat on it to help protect it from inclement weather including snow and rain. This can be combined with a camouflage coat for the ultimate customized paint job.

Airsoft Electric Rifles

The AEG pictured on the left is a fully customized MP5 submachine gun. You can see a rifle scope mounted on the top, and even the magazine has been swapped with a double magazine round that can hold twice the amount of ammo as the standard magazine can.

Airsoft electric rifles can also be customized in the way they feel. Replace plastic parts with real steel for a heavier, more authentic feeling gun or replace metal with plastic for a lighter weight weapon. Neither one is tactically better than the other, so choose whatever you feel most comfortable playing with.

The most popular way to customize electric Airsoft rifles, however, is within the gun's make itself. Replace a short barrel with a longer one to make long range shooting more accurate, or vice versa. You can change the scope for a higher powered, more accurate scope to upgrade your sniper rifle or equip with a silencer for the ultimate sneak attack. There are hundreds of different ways to customize your electric rifle to increase the tactical ability.

No matter what kind of electric Airsoft rifles you consider buying, know that you're getting a high quality gun that will perform well out in the field and stand the test of time. These types of guns are generally extremely durable and will withstand quite a bit.

Since there's such a wide selection of these types of guns, you shouldn't have any problem finding one that you're comfortable with and that works well for what you need it for. Most Airsofters that own electric Airsoft rifles wouldn't part with their guns for the world – there's a good chance you'll feel the same way when you put your hands on one.

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