Airsoft Gas Guns

While there are many great features that Airsoft gas guns can provide, there are some drawbacks as well. There are some concerns amongst Airsoft gamers that gas powered guns inhibit game play when used for extended periods of time.

First, there are concerns that the gun may get damaged from high pressure gases, namely red gas and nitrogen/pressurized air. Green gas is safer on an Airsoft gun, therefore it is more popular. If you choose to use red gas or nitrogen, be aware that the high pressure can possibly cause damage to your gun. Only use red gas if the manufacturer clearly states that the gun is compatible with red gas.

Airsoft gas guns

A bottle of green gas.

Liquid propellants and gases will actually begin to get cold and freeze when used for long stretches without a break. The colder your gun gets as the liquid gases move through it, the slower your shots become. You’ll notice this more with semi-automatic or fully automatic gas powered Airsoft guns since the rate of fire is much higher in these models, although after extended periods of time you will begin to notice the slowing of your weapon’s shots with any gas powered gun.

Eventually, the gun will get cold enough to freeze and your rate of fire will become nonexistent. When this happens, you’ll need to take a break to let your gun warm up again before you can resume game play. While this may be a great way to catch a break, Airsoft gas guns never do this at the appropriate time. It’s simply Murphy’s Law.

You can avoid this by using the nitrogen and pressurized air mixture to power your gun, but then you run the risk of gun damage. This is where it gets tricky – if you’re really looking to own a gas Airsoft gun, make sure you weigh the risks against the benefits and find the right gun for you.

Many avid Airsofters own Airsoft gas guns, but it may not be the weapon they regularly play with. Gas powered Airsoft guns have generally given way to Airsoft electric guns and even custom AEG’s, and these are great guns to play regularly with. Some Airsoft gamers choose the simplicity of a spring powered Airsoft gun over any other type of gun – no gas cylinders or batteries to mess with – so it’s just you, the gun and your mad skills.

Gas guns are, however, classic guns that may never go out of style – their great features include awesome recoil and authentic look and feel, something that almost all Airsofters are looking for in their guns. Don’t throw away the idea of playing with a gas gun just because of the drawbacks – but do make sure it’s something you really want before you buy.

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