Airsoft Spring Pistols

Pistols are popular, no matter how you look at it. Real pistols, Airsoft pistols, toy pistols – you name it. Airsoft gamers have become increasingly interested in pistols due to their low cost, light weight and strategic design. Airsoft spring pistols have many advantages over other types of Airsoft guns and when incorporated into tactical game play, they can be extremely useful.

What are the advantages of Airsoft spring pistols?

Let's look at the advantages of pistols themselves first. Pistols are small – they fit just about anywhere. You can holster a pistol inside your jacket, on your hip or on your ankle (or all three of those places if you really feel like being covered in weapons). They make excellent second weapons and it's always nice to have a backup plan. If your main weapon is an Airsoft electric gun that is worn in front of you, such as an M16, you can wear a pistol on your ankle as well. Depending on your target, you may want to move the AEG over and employ your pistol. Having more than one Airsoft gun to choose from increases the number of strategic possibilities available to you in the field.

Airsoft Spring Pistols

A fully disassembled spring Glock pistol

With that said, Airsoft spring pistols are among the best types of guns to have as a backup. Say you're carrying that electric M16, which requires batteries. Hopefully you have extra batteries stashed somewhere but even if you do, it can still be kind of a pain to switch batteries in the heat of battle. Your spring pistol requires nothing but you and the pellets (which you should have plenty on hand – if not, you might as well resign now). We'll say that your mark is but a few feet away and your batteries run down. You have the option of whipping out that spring powered pistol for some quick shooting or you can rummage around for those batteries you swear you put in there. Which would you choose?

Airsoft spring pistols are wonderful guns to have when cold weather hits or if you're playing near (or in) water. Electric guns can of course malfunction if wet and cold weather (especially of the extreme variety) can slow or stop the rate of fire in both electric Airsoft guns and gas powered Airsoft guns.

Airsoft spring pistols as a main weapon?

Although the answer is yes, I wouldn't recommend it. Though they're lightweight, and do not break easily since there're so few internal parts, it's just not practical on the battlefield. Remember that you have to cock it after every shot, and someone with an AEG will easily own you. Airsoft spring pistols are reliable and easy to use, so they're great starting guns for newbie Airsoft players – although there generally aren't many seasoned Airsofters that don't have a spring pistol in their arsenal.

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