Custom AEG - Stand out from the crowd

What if you could have an Airsoft electric gun

that was built specifically with you in mind? You can – custom AEG guns are becoming more and more popular with both new and old Airsoft gamers. They can sometimes be hard to find, but guess what? Anything worth getting takes at least a little hard work.

What makes a custom AEG . . . you know, custom?

Well, basically any variation on a traditional AEG would classify it as custom, or modified. You can customize an Airsoft gun really any way you like. Want leopard print? Paint it! Although, you can be reasonably sure that you'll be the first one spotted and most likely the first man down. So you want to take into consideration anything that would make tactical game play less efficient.

Many Airsoft gamers choose to modify or customize their AEG's to give it more power or to accommodate different game play tactics. There are very few limits when it comes to custom AEG's – you can replace the bolt action on a sniper rifle with high performance parts to give you a faster second shot or you can elongate a barrel for a more accurate shot (great for marksmen). It's really up to you when it comes to modifying your AEG – if you can think it, someone can probably build it.

Of course, be prepared to pay a little more for a custom AEG – they usually don't run cheap. If you come across a less expensive one, consider this – you get what you pay for.

There're certainly many types of custom AEG. Many fans of certain video games or movies may have their AEG modified to resemble their favorite character's weapon and in some cases, this can be done to the very last detail. Although these are harder to find, they’re actually gaining in popularity.

Can I customize my own AEG?

Many Airsoft players do this, but it's a heck of a lot easier said than done. This usually doesn't stop them though. If you have a thorough knowledge of Airsoft and how the guns are manufactured and how they operate, there shouldn't be any issues if you decide to make your own custom AEG.

You can do this by purchasing the different parts you wish to incorporate into your gun from an Airsoft parts supplier – just be aware that some parts may not fit; you may have to send things back, etc., etc. When modifying your own gun, it's generally trial and error for awhile until you get really good at it – which of course takes lots of time, practice and patience. Emphasis on the word patience. If you give it your all though, there’s no reason why you can't come out with an awesome gun.

Airsoft gamers from all walks of life choose to play with custom Airsoft AEG guns for many different reasons. People who swear by their custom AEG say that it truly makes a difference and enhances game play a great deal.

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