Custom Airsoft AEG Guns

Some Airsoft players consider custom Airsoft AEG guns to be the cream of the crop. Of course we all know that opinions are like . . . well, anyways, everyone’s got one. However, there's quite possibly at least a little truth to this (I mean, the fact that custom guns are high above everyone else).

Custom Airsoft AEG guns are like souped up trucks – although the truck runs great by itself, adding new rims, a double tailpipe and a custom paintjob will give it something extra. The truck might run better now, or it may serve a different purpose than it did before, such as becoming a great show truck.

If you pimp out a regular Airsoft AEG gun with custom parts, it turns your gun into something totally different. It might be better equipped to perform a certain task now, such as modifying the barrel to give a gun long range shooting capabilities or the accuracy of the shot. Plus, your custom AEG will look sweet!

How will a custom Airsoft gun affect game play?

Well, first of all you're going to have a gun that no one else has, with capabilities that are beyond the realm of any traditional Airsoft gun. That ought to scare the pants off your opponents or at least make them quiver in fear.

An Airsoft gun can be modified to have greater velocity, speed, range and accuracy – sometimes far above what normal Airsoft guns can do. You can customize your gun any way you like to suit your individual needs.

Suppose you want to find some custom guns. What now?

There are generally three different ways to go about it – you can buy a pre-customized gun, custom parts to attach to your traditional gun or enlist the service of someone who will customize a gun for you. There's really not one way that is better than the other, it just depends on what you want to do with your gun – and of course, how much money you have to spend and how much time you want to invest in getting your gun customized.

Paying someone to customize your Airsoft AEG guns is obviously going to be more expensive than if you buy the parts to do it yourself but it will be more time consuming. Buying a pre-customized gun won't be customized to your exact specifications, but it will be more souped up than a traditional gun.

Some sports warehouses that sell Airsoft AEG guns may carry custom guns or parts that you can use to customize your own gun, but you might be better off scouring the Internet. You're much more likely to find a wide variety of custom AEG's, parts and services that you can really utilize.

Well, there you have it. Custom guns might really be all they're cracked up to be – why not try your hand at playing with one and see how you like it?

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