Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

In the world of Airsoft, getting a gun that is as realistic as possible is all part of the game. Authentic looking and feeling weapons is hugely responsible for the boom in Airsoft interest, so naturally players are seeking more and more genuine feeling Airsoft guns. Gas powered Airsoft guns are among the best guns to play with, right alongside Airsoft electric guns.

There's nothing really unique about gas powered Airsoft guns, at least in terms of looks. You can probably compare the same model of Airsoft rifle whether it is electric, spring or gas powered and they will all look quite similar. This is actually true of most models. The difference in each type of gun is how they play – and that makes all the difference in the world to Airsoft gamers.

So if they look alike, but don’t shoot alike, what would the advantage of having a gas Airsoft gun be?

Gas powered Airsoft guns are among the oldest type of Airsoft guns available. They’re considered “classic” and many Airsoft players swear by them. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher that this type of gun uses gas to propel the pellets down the barrel, whereas spring Airsoft guns and AEG Airsoft guns do it differently.

One of the major benefits of owning a gas powered Airsoft gun is that it has a great blowback feature – a feature that many Airsofters consider to be of the utmost importance. If you’re going for a realistic look and feel, gas powered Airsoft guns will give you similar recoil to a real gun when you shoot. While this can be achieved with other types of Airsoft guns (but not always), almost every gas Airsoft gun has a blowback feature.

What is blowback, you ask? Have you ever seen a pistol being fired in movies? Do you notice how every time you pull the trigger, the pistol 'kicks back' as it chambers another round? That is blowback. Cool, eh? I was just as excited when I first came across one of those.

What types of gas are used in gas Airsoft guns?

There are several different types of gas that can be used to power this type of gun, but the most popular by far is what is known as “green gas.” Green gas is a combination of polysiloxane lubricant and propane. Gas powered Airsoft guns can also use a mixture of nitrogen and high pressure air or a gas known as “red gas,” although red gas is not used often due to the high pressure nature of the mixture and its tendency to damage guns. Red gas are much more powerful and usually are only found in high-end guns.

Airsoft gas is environmentally friendly. They are bio-degradable, so you don't need to worry about getting lung cancer or anything of the sort. Unless, of course, you're the type who inhales anything that comes out of a pressurized cylinder. If that sounds like you, please stop reading right now and go see a medical professional.

There are many types of gas airsoft guns. Generally, any model of Airsoft gun you can find in a spring powered or electric version should be available in a gas powered version, although this is not true in every case. Even if you can’t find the exact model you’re looking for in a gas powered version, you should at least be able to find something similar as there are many models of gas powered Airsoft guns available, including rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, revolvers and even semi-automatic and fully-automatic machine guns.

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