Spring powered Airsoft Guns

Ah, the old standby. When it comes to Airsoft, spring powered Airsoft guns are every player’s understudy, and in some cases their main weapon. They’re perfect for newbies (yeah, you know who you are) because they’re inexpensive, lightweight and incredibly easy to use. While their actual shooting capabilities may be just a tad less than the more powerful Airsoft electric gun, spring powered Airsoft guns make for excellent weapons out in the field.

The pellet in a spring Airsoft gun is powered by a spring – hence the name “spring powered Airsoft guns” – that is depressed and then let go to propel the pellet down the barrel of the gun. It’s fairly simple in its design, making it ideal for first time shooters as well as seasoned Airsoft players. You basically cock the spring and shoot. Just like that. The only downside is that you need to cock the spring every time you shoot. This doesn’t work well for sneak attacks, considering that the cocking of the spring makes some degree of noise, no matter how quietly you try to do it (Read: they sometimes blow your cover). Other than that, they’re solid guns with a lot of appeal.

Spring powered guns are actually quite durable – simply put, there are less moving parts than in any other type of Airsoft gun so there just isn’t that much to break. They’re extremely versatile as well, considering that you don’t have to remember to bring extra batteries or gas for your gun. Just bring your pellets, your skills and you’re set.

Well, don’t forget your gun. If you do, you can certainly try to throw your pellets at the other players ... but you’d lose.

Where can I find a spring powered gun?

Since these types of guns are quite popular and don’t require anything more than the gun itself, pellets and a competent user to play, you can find them just about anywhere. Popular outlets for spring powered guns are department stores with sporting goods sections such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart, although you might be better off by purchasing your gun from an actual sporting goods store such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s or Dick’s Sporting Goods. At least that way, if you have questions about purchasing your gun (especially if it’s your first time) you’ll be more likely to find someone knowledgeable about the subject.

There are many types of spring Airsoft guns – the majority of them modeled after real steel guns. Choosing a good spring gun doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems.

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